Fine Art / D&IM Degree Show 2015
Preview: 12/06/15, 6 – 9pm
Open: Weekdays 10 – 5pm
The Fine Art course team would like to cordially invite you to the 2015 Degree Show at The University of Central Lancashire. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to introduce and pay testament to this talented, exciting and gifted group of students.
The exhibition presented throughout the Hanover Building is the culmination of three years of hard work, study and development by BA (Hons) Fine Art and BA (Hons) Drawing and Image Making students. The work reflects the dynamic, interdisciplinary and broad-based nature of contemporary art practice. Existing ideas and ongoing debates about art are engaged with, challenged, repositioned and explored through diverse methodologies and processes, combining technical innovation, philosophical enquiry and conceptual discourse: from representational painting to multimedia installation, artists books and zines to experiments with film, photography and sculpture.
Explore the 2015 degree show and you will encounter cinematic landscapes, unique aesthetic commentaries and works that explore perceptions of time and memory. You will see the work of artists who interrogate consumer culture, engage with society, question established aesthetic values and respond to the ever-burgeoning influence of social media culture. You will see representational painting and drawing, multidisciplinary artists and artists who explore sculptural objects and our experiences of a given space. You will encounter the work of artists who use text, sound, found objects and digital processes; who examine concepts of the absurd and the political; of memory and everyday experience.
Whether challenging us to think differently about the things that constitute everyday life or interrogating what we understand art itself to be, the work exhibited here perfectly encapsulates all that is engaging, exciting and dynamic about the world of contemporary art.
I hope that you will join us in wishing every single student represented here the future success that they so thoroughly deserve. Thank you.
Dr Mat Gregory
Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Art History and Theory
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