Georgie Watson | Emma Waight | Josh Wroe | Matty Atherton | Luke Fox | Ola Dabrowska | Tafline Boon-itt | Alex Seddon | Chris McKolskey | Rebecca Nixon | Lauren Saint | Emma Willis | Amber Robinson

Open: 10/03/16 – 18/03/16

Preview: 10/03/16 5-7pm

Here And Now is an exhibition that truly speaks for itself. Thirteen young artists from the university’s Fine Art and Drawing and Image Making courses, have come together in a collaborative event. The event showcases their works all of which have current relations to ‘Here and Now’. A collective of drawing, painting, photography, film and print can all be seen throughout the duration of this exhibition. The exhibition will provide an array of work tackling issues of today’s society, logging social and political changes allowing the viewer to question what it means to be. The work will challenge the way in which our world faces current affairs and present them in a way that highlights the true form of contemporary life.

received_10204485930786952.jpegreceived_10204485930626948.jpegreceived_10204485930666949.jpegreceived_10204485930546946.jpegHere and Now



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