Marcus Coats | Faye Spencer | Cassie Douthwaite

Open:  07/04/16 – 29/04/16

Artist talk by Faye Spencer: 07/04/16 2-4pm | Preview: 07/04/16  5-7pm 

We get our stories from TV, books, and film. We find more stories on the Internet. Stories about everything, given to us in ways we understand, translated by soft wear or dubbed in to our language. Communication now is at such a point that we can connect with people and exchange stories with almost anyone in the world if we wish. However, there are other ways to tell a tale; through a dance or a song or a story told to one person who then tells it to another and then to another and so the story goes on. These stories are provincial, building up mythologies around places and events that are local, they are past on through generations. These stories may become dormant but they are there to be picked up and told again. This alternative method of communication is slower and older, it is more inward looking. Folklore is about a common history specific to a place and the people who live there.

This exhibition examines the way artists use the traditions of Folklore in the construction of new objects and ideas to make contemporary visual art. British folklore in particular has a rich and subversive tradition which has perhaps in the past been marginalised, dismissed as irrelevant or unfashionable in terms of today’s art world. This Exhibition takes a different position and brings together artists who explore some of the themes and processes associated with Folklore and folk traditions, and represents them in a contemporary art context. The show acknowledges the resurgence of Folklore and interrogates its facilitation in terms of artists making direct connections with the world of today and celebrating Folklore’s subversive nature, and by doing so continuing the tradition and becoming part of it.




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