Fine Art & Drawing and Image Making Degree Shows

Open: 10th – 17th June 2016 | Preview: 10th June 2016 3-8pm

To examine something very carefully in order to find anything of value. The most essential facts or components.

An artist’s career begins with higher education. Students are provided with the bare bones – the nub of creative substance – out of which individuality, conceptual integrity and creative production flourishes. Artworks are formed in the mind and then born in to the world as things – objects, actions, images, language, sound – in order to further understand the essence of carefully selected subject matter. As Third Year Tutor I have witnessed our current third year cohort transition in to independent learners equipped with the skills needed to begin their journey as arts professionals. Becoming an artist isn’t an easy feat, and I am very proud of the determination, hard work and expertise demonstrated by our students throughout the completion of their three year course.

An academic’s role is to nurture individual talent and ideas, as students initiate complex processes in order to generate successful outcomes. From the pith of an idea, academics use their experience, knowledge and expertise to mentor students through the thick fog of uncertainty, until finally the complicated and intellectually rigorous process of problem solving becomes second nature and the fleshy structure of an artwork is devised. Historical and theoretical discourse form frameworks in which to study contemporary art practice, so that graduates of the BA (Hons) Fine Art and BA (Hons) Drawing and Image Making courses at UCLan acquire an acute ability to critically question the core of a subject, engage intellectually with its constituent parts and generate a resolution that contributes to the wider field of creative industries.

Due to the nature of our broad-based courses, the conceptual terrain traversed in this exhibition is richly disparate. For example, an in-depth study of how to apply paint to surface could be positioned alongside a politically charged response to current affairs. Mixed media installations are juxtaposed with sculptures, paintings with photographs, sound with performance etc. The three floors of Hanover Building are curated so that the most appropriate space is assigned to the works presented, generating a myriad of responses and conversations from which audiences can learn, connect, enquire, object, understand, discuss and re-evaluate their own intellectual position. Art puts flesh on the bones of experience, so that we can truly comprehend what those experiences mean.

On behalf of the Fine Art and Drawing and Image Making staff, I would like to offer my congratulations to our graduating students on a very successful Degree Show. We wish all the very best for our graduates and their future successes in whatever field they decide to follow.





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