Elizabeth Lindley | Anna Glinkina | Helena Denholm | Stephanie Miello | Steve Wilson | Jackie Owen | Sam Pickett | Cecily Shrimpton | Jade Stowell | Amy McSavaney


Closing Party: 29/09/16  5-7pm

Open: 15/09/16 – 29/09/16

Hanover Project is pleased to announce Class of 2016. Every year the on-line arts magazine The Double Negative invites art schools across the North-West of England to nominate one outstanding student to feature in their article ‘Class of 2016’. The article aims to spotlight the region’s top fine art graduates and demonstrate the artistic diversity of our creative institutions. Recognising an opportunity to celebrate this accolade, the 2016 nominees have come together to turn the review into an exhibition and represent the scope of fresh talent currently emerging into the art-world. This unifying event symbolises a punch in the air from the Northern art hubs of Carlisle, Blackpool, Preston, Manchester, and Liverpool. As a participating university, UCLan’s gallery space ‘The Hanover Project’ will be the first to host the group exhibition and gives the viewer the opportunity to explore a range of disciplines including film, painting, sculpture, installation and performance. Artists included in the exhibition are: Helena Denholm, Anna Glinkina, Elizabeth Lindley, Amy McSavaney, Stephanie Miello, Jackie Owen, Sam Pickett, Cecily Shrimpton, Jade Stowell, Steven Wilson. The exhibition is curated by UCLAN graduate, Sam Pickett.

Read The Double Negative article here: www.thedoublenegative.co.uk/2016/05/class-of-2016-the-north-wests-top-fine-art-graduates-revealed/

Helena Denholm: St Helens College

Helena Denholm’s primary engagement concerns the exploration of the tension between forms, pixelation and grids, privileging materiality and the picture form.

Anna Glinkina: Manchester Metroplitan University

By disregarding the conventional approach of applying paint to a canvas, Anna Glinkina attempts to evoke the language of painting by reducing painting to its principal elements.

Elizabeth Lindley: Lancaster University

Elizabeth Lindley creates fleeting assemblages, using salvaged, defunct and discarded domestic materials, that are then destroyed and reconfigured in an ongoing process.

Stephanie Miello: Liverpool Hope University

Stephanie Miello experiments with two specific disciplines: sculpture and installation, aiming to broker a physical connection between viewer and environment.

Amy McSavaney: Liverpool John Moores University

Amy McSavaney’s work is political in nature, investigating information systems and communication, institutional critique, feminist debate and belief.

Sam Pickett: University of Central Lancashire

Sam Pickett’s work evolves out of an investigative process and is inspired by connections between science, nature and the human condition.

Jackie Owen: University of Cumbria

Jackie Owen uses performance and film to create scenarios that subvert everyday domesticity.

Cecily Shrimpton: University of Salford

Working across sculpture, printmaking and new media, Cecily Shrimpton’s work adopts the fluid approach of contemporary art practice to take a nuanced look at motherhood.

Jade Stowell: Wirral Metropolitan College

Jade Stowell weaves together saturated images of the urban landscape to propose a darkly phantasmagorical vision of the future.

Steve Wilson: Blackpool and the Fylde College

Steve Wilson recontextualises iconic images, sounds and brands which encapsulate and embody our relationship with ‘non-human’ things.

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