Paul Seddon | Georgia Murdoch | Matthew Herbert | Rebecca Smith | Daniel Smith | Tyler Livesey | Rowann Fitzpatrick | Frankie Kershaw

Open: 3rd- 8th November

Preview: 3rd November 5-7pm


Staff and students at the University of Central Lancashire Fine Art courses would like to invite you to the latest exhibition within the Hanover project: Negative. The exhibition includes eight artists; Rowann Fitzpatrick, Matthew Herbert, Franchesca Kershaw, Tyler Livesey, Georgia Murdoch, Paul Seddon, Daniel Smith, and Rebecca Smith, each exploring themes of negativity through a wide spectrum of forms and disciplines. The variation of work within the exhibition examines both the artistic and personal developments of each artist through their practice as Fine Art students at UCLAN.

Negativity is a constant and potent aspect of everyday life and one which can often too easily be dismissed within the art community. Each artist in this exhibition focuses on a different aspect of the idea of negativity; from a series of photograms by Rebecca Smith to Matthew Herbert’s sculptures revolving around the negative impact of humans on the environment and ecosystem. The exhibition incorporates everyday negativity in both a literal and contemplative sense.

Hanover project is a contemporary art gallery with a program of eight shows a year it is run collaboratively by staff and students on the Fine Art course. This is the first in a series of four student shows. The artists will be on hand at the opening on 3rd November and their will also be refreshments. We look forward to seeing you at the Hanover Project.





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