Alexandria Eaves | Amanda Sutton | Emma Capstick | Geoffrey Cowell | Hubert Mrzowski | John Manners | Katherine Paisley | Molly Holmes

Open: 10th-15th November

Preview: 10th November 5-7pm


[mass noun] The action or process of manufacturing or inventing something.

‘the assembly and fabrication of electronic products’

[count noun] An invention; a lie

We live in a world that is dominated by fabrication, from the humble paperclip to the light bulb above your head, society itself is built in the same way. We accept this. Our world is man-made, conceived, designed and manufactured. This inevitably saturates individuals to the point of overload gripping them with lust for unobtainable perfection. As artists, we seek to understand and convey the contradictions that are embedded in our societies. Thus, we (artists) are stepping out of society to view it from the different perspective, into the light so to speak. We are suspending our acceptance of all things as presented to us by the forces underpinning society, thus challenge the normalisation of the everyday. This collective represents the many facets of fabrication past and present that shape us with or without our consent.




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