Hanover Project, UCLAN, Preston PR1 2HE

Open: 9th March to 6th April 2017

Private View: Thursday 9th March, 5pm-7pm

Rachel Pursglove | Matthew Houlding | Samantha Donnelly | Tao Lashley Burnley

This year sees the 70th anniversary of one of the North West’s great artistic achievements, Kurt Schwitters’ Merz Barn project in Cumbria. Alongside other celebrations across the region, Hanover Project named after Schwitters first merz project in Hanover, will show ‘The Merz Show’ featuring a selection of works by artists inspired by Schwitters and his work.

Samantha Donnelly’s practice is primarily sculptural. She has a materials-led approach to making, underpinned by references to art history and popular culture – specifically photography, TV, film and advertisements. Her way of making gives the work a strong sense of time which mirrors conventions found in the media (editing, cropping, elimination, montage, narration). This results in a fragmented / abstract / partial quality to finished work; some appearing relic-like and precious, whereas others are seemingly transient and momentary, on the edge of dissolve

Matthew Houlding’s sculptures and collages draw us into a fantastic, retro-futuristic world, inspired by architectural forms and models, modernism and a childhood spent in East Africa. Houlding’s sculptures and collages are an homage to the utopian zeal of modern architecture. Drawing on Structuralist and Formalist ideas of architectural design. The composition of colours and painted surfaces define figure/ground relationships within the work and convey materiality, physical and cultural context, symbolism and emotional response.

Rachel Pursglove works in a variety of media, including sculpture, performance, video, animation, collage and installation. Her work explores the relationship between the pre-existing, the present and the future, combining the playful with the absurd. Her works can be seen as everyday encounters with reality, pushing the boundaries of both the idea and the material used.

Tao Lashley- Burnley is an artist based in Preston, working from the Birley street studios where he also works as a technician and curator. As a person Tao is interested in Architecture, Phenomenology and the experience of physical space. As an artist he makes work using architectural building materials (wood, plaster, cement, steel, light, Perspex etc) to alter the spaces viewers engage with. A common aspect of his work is the tension between spaces (physical, digital, abstract, real etc)




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