Private View- Friday 27th October 5-7pm

Open- 9am-5pm Daily from 28th October -1st November

Rachel painting

Hanover Project is pleased to stage “Fragmentation” a group exhibition by 2nd year fine art students, displaying eight individual viewpoints of a shared world. The works on display each explore the notion of fragmentation and how it can inform approaches to art practice. Fragments are often valuable for the insight they offer us into a larger situation. The structure of the work is informed by the taking apart of this larger theme and repositioning, restructuring, and redefining the resulting fragments into a new model. The invitation to the viewer is to put themselves in the artists shoes
Ruth Philips focuses on the dynamic of a three-dimensional object being captured in a two-dimensional drawing and the drawing being used as a three-dimensional object.
Shiryn Winter is inspired by natural spaces such as the coast and is interested in exploring the way water alters our perception of the world from the gently blurring sheen of condensation to the overpowering force of the ocean and experimenting with different media to convey waters complexity while attempting to replicate nature using man made materials.
Amelia James is using the medium of photography as an entry point into the complex city of Hong Kong which is both ancient and modern, a visual historical narrative of time.
Anthony Smith is using the power of technology to manipulate complex images into more simple forms that are then dealt with in the timeless medium of painting exploring how colour and abstraction can be used to encapsulate the energy and culture of the music world. Turning sound into opticallity.
Rachel Cousin’s paintings focus on the use of both the paint the marks themselves to capture the small seemingly insignificant details of our personal intimate worlds, by editing the painting to direct the viewers attention to only a portion of the canvas.
Bethany Dickinson is looking at how nature appears to us as if it is already fragmentary. Her paintings use colour to draw our attention to what we frequently overlook by our familiarity with the subject matter.
James Alexander’s work involves the use of narrative giving us an insight into the culture we live in.
Joanna Leech’s work takes the form of sculptural masks which offer us a chance to assume another identity to learn more about our own. Sometimes it takes a person to wear a mask to reveal or understand their true selves.




Ruth Phillips (piece hanging from ceiling)


Shiryn Wynter (left), Rachel Cousins (right)

IMG_20171027_171757James Alexander

IMG_20171027_142846.jpgTony Smith (left of long wall), Rachel Cousins (middle), Bethany Dickinson (right)


Joanna Leach


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