alignments poster

Students from UCLan’s fine art degree are proud to present ‘Alignments’ – a new exhibition at the Hanover Project in Preston. A series of works by second year students will be presented together, all exploring the use of line and time in different ways. Drawing can take many forms and this collection will showcase some of them, including textiles, print, video and ink. Whilst the work shown in this exhibition draws from different themes, it is all united in the way each artist uses line and drawing to express their own style. Please find information about each artist below:

Karen Trolley: I have created blotted line mono-prints using ink and tracing paper. These prints resemble the Rorschach test, a set of ink blots that Psychologists use to evaluate patients. My prints resemble biological forms and natural landscapes.

Beth Wise: I started with ten stitches on three different sets of needles. I have dipped the knitting into plaster, turning it from yellow wool into a white solid object. I’m interested in the temporary nature of the original yellow knitting that I photocopied, compared to the time-consuming process of knitting.

Jessica Bowness: The work exhibited is focused on the timeline of space exploration (The Space Race) between 1957-1975. I have a used a variety of techniques to create images through this era; including the first image of the Moon, the first image of the Earth and Neil Armstrong famously standing on the Moon.

Mariam Khaliq: My work is mostly done with ink and quick brush strokes to create loose lines and is then worked into with pen, bringing everything together to form a piece appreciating nature and portraying my interest in fantasy from films and video games.

Olivia Bowness: As an artist I like to experiment with different ways of creating work. Currently, I have been developing my drawing skills using my non-dominant hand to draw. I have been looking into landscapes and portraits, using different mediums to draw with.

Naomi Shepherd: My pieces of contemporary print are based around Suminagashi (floating ink). By using this process and incorporating it with action painting I have created abstract works which focus on not only the method, but how print can be brought back to contemporary practice.

Chelsea O’connor: My interactive piece is based around making humour of Donald Trump. A party which is usually described as ‘fun & games’ represents Donald Trump’s presidency and how he treats it in this manner. The false gold objects in this piece portray the falseness of his status as a president.

Alex Shaw: A story board showing a hand throwing an object out of anger. Drawn on / with cheap materials.

Holly Simpson: The video of someone scraping a plate with a fork has been made to make the viewer uncomfortable, this is the main theme for my project this year.

Private View:

Monday 6th November, 5pm to 7pm. Refreshments available

Open: 06/11/17 -09/11/12

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Hanover Project Gallery

Bhailok Street, Preston, PR1 2XQ




Mariam Khaliq (left), Karen Trolley (right)


Holly Simpson

DSC_0783 - Copy1

Beth Wise


Chelsea O’Connor


Chelsea O’Connor


Chelsea O’Connor


Jessica Bowness


Alex Shaw


Olivia Bowness


Naomi Shepherd


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