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“Singing of Formosan Aborigines: In Praise of Heaven and Earth! The Beauty of Ceremonies”
The National Student Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Poster Design Exhibition

Staff and students at University of Central Lancashire Fine Art programme would like to invite you to a free event as part of the great Northern Creative Festival. “Singing of Formosan Aborigines: In Praise of Heaven and Earth! The Beauty of Ceremonies” is the 6th exhibition in an ongoing National Taiwanese competition that explores Taiwan’s rich and various indigenous cultures in a time when passing down heritage and culture has become an increasing Challenge for Taiwan’s indigenous people. This is going to be only the second time the exhibition has been shown outside of Taiwan as it visits UCLan in time for The Great Northern Creative Festival.
The exhibition opening night will be held 13th November between 5:00pm and 7:00pm and will continue to be displayed up until the 18th November in the Hanover Building, Uclan. The exhibition will be host a number of activities such as a ‘meet-the-curator’ talk for visiting schools and a related book launch, presented by the curator, Dr Niki Alsford, on opening night.
There will also be a number of guest speakers on the 17th discussing issues relating to indigenous peoples in MIST;
Doug McNaught (SOAS) u baluhayay a uzip: The revitalisation of Indigenous culture in Taiwan
Siku Sawmah (Taiwan) Designing Indigenous culture.
All members of UCLan and the Public will are greatly welcomed to visit, we look forward to seeing you there as part of the Great Northern Creative Festival.

For more information about The Great Northern Creative Festival, please visit:



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