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Hanover Project are proud to present ‘Between Surface and Event: Recent Paintings’ by Clem Crosby. The exhibition is open from the 1st until 27th March 2018 and is accompanied by a new publication with an essay by David Ryan. In his text Ryan explores his own relationship with Crosby’s work over time and is able to articulate new developments and motif’s;

“This dialogue between surface and event has informed his paintings since this time, and the advancing of both a physical objecthood and a painterly constructed virtual space is certainly present in the very recent work. In the new paintings, we can sense a different set of inflections within this dialogue; the surface is articulated in such a way that it is latticed, overlaid and ‘inscribed’ with marks. These meshes form various densities, rhythmic pulses, and wave-like processes where a sense of space is both emerging and submerging. Gesture, here, attempts to assert its singularity in knotted densities only to fall back into ‘describing’ the surface itself.”

Words by David Ryan, 2018

Hanover Project is a contemporary art gallery and project space situated in the entrance to Hanover Building at The University of Central Lancashire in Preston. The Gallery is run by students and staff on the Fine Art Course at UCLan. We present eight shows each academic year; four student exhibitions and four exhibitions from outside of national and internationally renowned artists. In addition to this we will have a punctuation program of events and activities that animate the space and the shows, these will be talks, receptions, film screenings and seminars.

The exhibition is open from the 1st until 27th March 2018. There will be an opening event on the 5th of March, 4 – 6pm which will begin with an introduction and ‘in conversation’ with Andy Broadey at 4pm.

Open Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm

Hanover Project, Bhailok Street, UCLan, Preston, PR1 2XQ



Clem Crosby ‘in conversation’ with Andy Broadey



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