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Hanover Project are pleased to invite you to our latest exhibition, ‘Making a Statement’. The show has an opening night on the 25th October from 5-7pm. The exhibition will remain open until the 31st October, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. All are welcome!

Hanover Project, UCLan, Bhailok Street, Preston, PR1 2XQ


Making a Statement is a joint exhibition consisting of the work of six second year BA (Hons) fine art students. Each artists work in this exhibition reflects a political, social or personal opinion and makes a statement about the modern world. The work displayed in this exhibition reflects a diverse range of styles and skills from the featured artists.

The artists featured in this show are Katie Hendron, Maria Kelly, Jessica Warren, Mumtaz Kidi, Jess Turner and Thomas Kershaw.

Katie Hendron’s work looks at architecture from the past which is often forgotten or overlooked and reveals a new way it can be seen.

Maria Kelly’s work is based on and inspired by current affairs and is reflected in her use of mixed media, painting and collage.

Jessica Warren is exploring questions about feminism in modern society and its changing perceptions.

Mumtaz Kidi has produced a work titled ‘consumed by technology’. She has created this to explore the effects of technology on modern society and its detrimental impact on nature.

Jess Turner’s work is taking a look at body image and the negativity surrounding ‘plus size’ women in the media. She has created work encouraging a more positive image of women with less conventional body types.

Thomas Kershaw has produced work about reinterpreting master paintings and classical sculpture in a contemporary style.


Maria Kelly

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Thomas Kershaw

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Katie Hendron


Joe Crossey


Mumtaz Kidi


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