Final poster

Hanover Project Presents

Matthew Birchall, Benedict Rutherford, Beata Wrobel, Rachel Pursglove and
Tao Lashley Burnley

The latest show at Hanover Project; the staff/student led project space in the Fine Art building at UCLan, attempts to focuses on a small community of artists in the rapidly gentrifying city of Preston. Loosely based around the Birley artist run studios and project space in the centre of the town, these artists and their collective vision have single-handedly maintained the presence of artists infrastructure and activity in the city outside of the university for the past five years. The exhibition examines their work as individual artists in a group show including print, sculpture, readymade objects and tragicomic installation.

In his recent article on curatorship in art monthly Andrew Hunt says of university galleries, that *‘their fundamental approach is to act as a catalyst for artistic communities and as models for intelligent and provocative research’.  Hunt goes on to suggest that galleries in university research areas can take on a new significance and provide the discourse in ‘precarious times’ for major institutions; *‘these spaces are situated in intelligent contexts and have the potential to become viable spaces for the 21st century.’ The article discusses how small commercial organisations have achieved success through focussing on small communities of artists. It is in this regional spirit that we turn our focus to these artists.

Please come to the closing reception and meet the artists, organisers, the staff and students of Fine Art at Hanover Project on Thursday 13th December from 5pm to 7pm. Christmas refreshments will be served.

Hanover Project, Hanover Building, Bhailok St, Preston, PR1 2XQ


*Hunt, Andrew, Curatorship, Art Monthly 419, Sep 2018





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