5489d186-bb6e-4769-9ca5-a939d27e51f9THE PROGRAMME – OPEN CALL

This is a great opportunity for Artist’s working with Moving Image to submit their work to be shown in ‘The Programme’, a Film Festival taking place at Hanover Project in 2015.

Submissions Deadline: Midnight, Sunday 22nd February 2015
Exhibition Duration: 23/03/15 – 27/03/15

The Programme is:

  • A film festival that attempts to rethink what the artist’s film programme can be today.
  • Selected from an open call: works under 15 minutes in duration will be curated into programmes by invited curators and artists.
  • At least one selected programme will be viewable online for up to 1 month.


Please send moving image works of under 15 minutes duration, produced since 1st January 2014 (and not submitted to last year’s festival) to CHope@uclan.ac.uk by midnight on Sunday 22nd February 2015. Work by artists, as well as students in Higher Education will be accepted.
Moving image submissions must be uploaded to Vimeo (and set to downloadable), using maximum quality encode settings for the site (i.e. HD or as appropriate to your work) and a URL sent to the above email address. A high quality file may be requested from selected participants.

Please include a link to your website or blog (if you have one) and a short biog of 50 words, outlining your approach as an artist or art student.

Call for Submissions:

In the City 


The purpose of this exhibition is to explore perceptions of the city on a global scale. Artists are invited to reflect current cultural, social and political subjects through engagements with the built environment in which they live. Submissions should be in the form of a digital image, which will contribute to a publication. A selection of these international submissions will also be printed and presented as part of an exhibition at Hanover Project in Preston UK, between the 20th November – 10th December 2014.


Travelling is an odd experience in the 21st Century. As one steps off a plane and heads towards a city, one is confronted with a familiar scene. There are a few relics from a distant culture, a few touristy spots for the ‘selfies’. But increasingly present are the generic office tower blocks and shopping malls – McDonalds, H&M, Lidl – the same lattes, fashion trends and boutiques. In cities such as Berlin, you cannot ignore the word gentrification as old buildings and autonomous establishments disappear to make way for more shopping malls, flash apartments and expensive bars.

Globally, urbanity is changing radically. In the UK, traditional and historic markets are being turned in to expensive artisan trade fairs and unique independent shops are being replaced with generic chain stores. The city is increasingly a playground for the wealthy, yet economically the West in particular is in global financial turmoil. As late capitalism persists and growth continues beyond its means, individuals are increasingly suffering through job and service cuts alongside an increase in living costs.

Environmentally, growth is a destructive force destined to be the root cause of a number of disastrous consequences in the near future – the weather is increasingly unpredictable and extreme, resources are diminishing as we exploit the lands and oceans to their limits, animals and people are treated atrociously as populations flourish and consumerism thrives. The divide between rich and poor continues to widen, and whilst politicians enjoy a bourgeois lifestyle, the poor are swept away in to the distant peripheral areas of the cities.

All of these issues are imprinted onto the city through increasing evidence of affluence and depravity, and in the signage, buildings, bureaucracy, people, history, moments and actions that surround us. In this exhibition, works will collectively capture the impact of globalisation as reoccurring themes are unearthed, whilst providing engaging dialogues between two differing viewpoints.

To Apply:

Works can incorporate any medium, providing the final outcome is a digital image. For example documentation of performance, sculpture, or video will be considered alongside collage, drawing, painting, print and photography.

Please send a 300 dpi JPEG file measuring approximately 420 x 594mm (16.5 x 23.4 inches) in size to gallery coordinator Victoria Lucas at vlucas@uclan.ac.uk. You can also use services such as We Transfer or Dropbox to send your files.

Deadline: 1st November 2014


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